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Hello and welcome to Comics Roundtable, a brand-new fannish community for comics discussion, reviews, and general chat. Feel free to introduce yourself here and help us build our rules and guidelines from the ground up.


  1. Keep it respectful. No personal attacks, insults, threats, discriminatory language, or language intended to demean. If you see someone posting anything that will make our community unwelcoming to any comics fan, please report it to a mod and we will screen, freeze, warn, and ban as necessary.

  2. Keep it discussion-focused. We will not prevent anyone from posting panels and pages, but that is not the main focus of this community. Please try to keep images to a total of two pages (~16 panels) or fewer in any one post. (Exceptions may occur: for example, if anyone wanted to do a fandom primer or ship manifesto [do people still do those?] or write an in-depth essay exploring a topic, run or character, it would probably be fine to include more than two pages total. Open to suggestions for guidelines for this type of post if this is a thing people want to do.)

  3. Keep it legal. We highly encourage our members to obtain their comics legally. Do not link to pirated or leaked work, torrents, or anything else that might fall into a gray area. (Note: linking to previews, webcomics, or public-domain media hosted elsewhere is fine. Let's just try to be respectful of creator rights here.)

  4. Keep it welcoming. We are not here to gatekeep or fandom-police or "well, actually" or tell anyone they're Doing It Wrong.

  5. Keep it non-upsetting. Please make use of warnings for any content that may be unsettling (use your discretion, but this might include images or discussion of extreme violence, sexual assault, hate speech or discriminatory language, etc.).

If you'd like to add to or amend these rules, please comment below and we can discuss!

Content guidelines

  • We will have a weekly post for discussion of newly-released comics, graphic novels, and TPBs. Look for those every Wednesday for your weekly fix of new-comics chatter. It is not necessary to cut or warn for spoilers in those posts; spoilers will be assumed! Read at your own risk.

  • We will have occasional themed discussion posts: for example, to discuss favorite characters, relationships, runs, creators, fanfiction, comics-related media, etc. Feel free to start one of your own if you have a general question or topic you think would be interesting to others.

  • If there's enough interest, we may try for a sort of book club on occasion. The community can choose older short runs, graphic novels, or maybe self-contained story arcs of longer books to read together and discuss.

  • Feel free to make your own post if there's something you want to talk about that's not covered by another post. This might include reviews of older books, discussion of events and crossovers, previews, news, or really anything you want to share with others. Posting is not moderated for now, although that may change if spam or posting of irrelevant content becomes an issue.

If anyone has other suggestions about this community's content, let's talk about it in the comments!

Also, if anyone would like to help mod or administrate this community in accordance with these principles, please comment or send me a message. :)
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[personal profile] sheliak 2017-06-14 09:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi, I'm Sheliak!

My main interest in comics is the X-Men; I took one of the old Essential X-Men collections on vacation as a teenager and never really looked back. The Claremont era is my favorite, although I also really liked Age of Apocalypse and sometimes read more recent stuff too. I've enjoyed the original New Mutants and early Excalibur (haven't tracked down the later stuff yet), and New Mutants vol 2 / Academy X was a delight while it lasted. My favorite characters include (but are hardly limited to) Storm, Nightcrawler, Magneto, Rachel Summers and Dani Moonstar.

After X-Men, my favorite Marvel titles have probably been Spider-Girl, Ultimate Spider-Man (although I dropped it a while before the end of the Peter Parker version), Immortal Iron Fist, Runaways, and Young Avengers vol. 1.

I haven't read much DC, but I enjoyed The Flash (Wally West era) and threeboot Legion of Super-Heroes, and I've read isolated bits of Birds of Prey and Gotham Central. Currently I'm starting the George Perez run of Wonder Woman, because my local bookstore had some trades in thanks to the movie.

I also used to like a few CrossGen series—El Cazador was a favorite, but I also liked Scion and Meridian and a few others—although since I was reading those from the library and in those anthology trades of theirs, I admit that I was always fairly confused!

I'm mostly a trade reader—the advertisements in floppies bother me enough to stop me from reading them most of the time, although I don't mind spoilers for things that aren't out in trade yet.
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[personal profile] shobogan 2017-06-15 08:51 am (UTC)(link)
Hi, I'm Sage! I've enjoyed superheroes since I was a kid watching the DCAU and XTAS, but I only really dove into comics around - okay, holy shit, seven years ago now. I started with DC - way back when I read Cassandra Cain's second Batgirl trade and fell completely in love with both her and Oracle, so I hunted down more - No Man's Land, the rest of Batgirl, Birds of Prey. From there I branched out to connected titles, and from there I discovered more and more characters to love.

Outside of Gotham, I adore Wonder Woman, especially Perez and Rucka's runs; New Teen Titans; Young Justice, Superboy and Impulse; pretty much everything Greg Rucka has written. On the Vertigo side, Lucifer is one of my favourite comics period. I love all of Warren Ellis' work in Wildstorm.

I read New X-Men way back in high school and really enjoyed it for the most part (I'm so glad it was my introduction to comics Jean!), as well as Runaways, but I didn't really submerge myself in that universe until reading Young Avengers. I decided to try First Class, and then I was basically doomed. You could boil down my favourite series as "everything Chris Claremont does" but I also really enjoyed the other New Mutants volumes, Academy X, X-23, X-Men Legacy, X-Treme X-Men v2, and a ton of minis. Oh, and X-Men Unlimited! I wish they still did anthology series like that.

Aside from the X-Men my favourites are Cosmic Marvel (pre-Bendis), Alias, Black Widow, the Defenders, Exiles, Silk, Waid's Daredevil, Rucka's Punisher, the What If series, Journey into Mystery, everything Greg Pak does and everything Al Ewing does.

I generally prefer trades, but there are a few comics I'm keeping up with weekly - Detective Comics, Batwoman, All-New Wolverine, America and Ms. Marvel.

Beyond the big two, I'm currently reading the second omnibus of Hack/Slash and have a huge backlog of Image stuff I want to read (or reread and catch up on, like Revival and Saga and Lazarus.)
snickfic: [X-Men] Psylocke (art Olivier Coipel) (Psylocke)


[personal profile] snickfic 2017-06-22 04:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey, I'm Snick! I've been reading comics basically since I can remember (Barbie => Harvey Comics => Archie), but I really got into them in 2013, when I got invested in Marvel via the all-women X-Men comic. I got burned out on Marvel's business policies and editorial decisions pretty fast, but I still love Claremont-era X-Men (STORM) and the Remender Uncanny X-Force run. I'm way more attached to Natasha Romanoff than I ever expected to be, and I will never be over the cancellation of Kathryn Immonen's Sif solo.

I now read mostly independent stuff. Harrow County and The Black Monday Murders are my two absolute favs currently. Other stuff I'm enjoying includes Monstress, Copperhead, Bitch Planet, and Black Magick. I'm still buying and reading Saga, even though I'm bitter about it now.

I don't like to read month-to-month, so I mostly buy in trade. Also, trades are a lot better for lending to friends to try to lure them in. :D

I'm really excited for this comm!
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[personal profile] shadowkat 2017-06-23 10:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh cool. A place to safely discuss comic books and graphic novels.

Long time X-men fan, actually that's where my love of the art form started. Love all the characters under that franchise. Did stop reading it in 2015 or 2016, when it got rebooted and went off the rails again. Favorite writers Chris Claremont and Jim Lee during the 1980s and 1990s. Did find some of Brian Bendeis run in late 2015-2016 interesting with Uncanny.

Also fan of some of the graphic novels in the 1980s. Persepolis. And some of Neil Gaiman. Trying Saga.
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[personal profile] shobogan 2017-06-14 09:16 pm (UTC)(link)
It'd probably be a good idea to have tag guidelines! IE if a post focuses on Detective Comics, do we just use Detective Comics, or Series: Detective Comics, or Detective Comics (1937).

Or when it comes to characters, do we do names and codenames in one tag or different ones? (I'd lean towards separate ones that apply to the discussion/panels, otherwise we'd get stuff like Rachel Summers/Grey/Phoenix/Mother Askani/Marvel Girl/Prestige.

...Rachel, chill.)
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[personal profile] shobogan 2017-06-15 08:11 am (UTC)(link)
That would work perfectly, I think!

That'd be the most simple, yeah. (Again with Rachel it'd probably easiest to just use "Rachel Summers Grey"?) If anyone wants to clarify different universes they could add the numbers, like Jean Grey 1610.

If we want to use code names as separate tags there could be Phoenix 1, Phoenix 2, etc. ...Though Teen Jean would be, IDK, Marvel Girl 1.5? Why are the X-Men so complicated.

Oh geez. I'd think they have a system for dealing with time-displaced people now, but it's probably super tedious. Kitty almost loses it. (I assume it's Kitty who takes them, but maybe the teachers trade off. Wolverine in the DMV is a comic I would read.

Or maybe they make Hank do it all because it's his fault.)
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[personal profile] baycitybomber 2017-06-14 06:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Can I suggest adding "marvel" and "dc comics" to the Interests section on the profile page? Maybe even some of the indie publishers to net more people looking for specific fandoms.
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[personal profile] baycitybomber 2017-06-14 06:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Neat, thanks!