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Hello and welcome to Comics Roundtable, a brand-new fannish community for comics discussion, reviews, and general chat. Feel free to introduce yourself here and help us build our rules and guidelines from the ground up.


  1. Keep it respectful. No personal attacks, insults, threats, discriminatory language, or language intended to demean. If you see someone posting anything that will make our community unwelcoming to any comics fan, please report it to a mod and we will screen, freeze, warn, and ban as necessary.

  2. Keep it discussion-focused. We will not prevent anyone from posting panels and pages, but that is not the main focus of this community. Please try to keep images to a total of two pages (~16 panels) or fewer in any one post. (Exceptions may occur: for example, if anyone wanted to do a fandom primer or ship manifesto [do people still do those?] or write an in-depth essay exploring a topic, run or character, it would probably be fine to include more than two pages total. Open to suggestions for guidelines for this type of post if this is a thing people want to do.)

  3. Keep it legal. We highly encourage our members to obtain their comics legally. Do not link to pirated or leaked work, torrents, or anything else that might fall into a gray area. (Note: linking to previews, webcomics, or public-domain media hosted elsewhere is fine. Let's just try to be respectful of creator rights here.)

  4. Keep it welcoming. We are not here to gatekeep or fandom-police or "well, actually" or tell anyone they're Doing It Wrong.

  5. Keep it non-upsetting. Please make use of warnings for any content that may be unsettling (use your discretion, but this might include images or discussion of extreme violence, sexual assault, hate speech or discriminatory language, etc.).

If you'd like to add to or amend these rules, please comment below and we can discuss!

Content guidelines

  • We will have a weekly post for discussion of newly-released comics, graphic novels, and TPBs. Look for those every Wednesday for your weekly fix of new-comics chatter. It is not necessary to cut or warn for spoilers in those posts; spoilers will be assumed! Read at your own risk.

  • We will have occasional themed discussion posts: for example, to discuss favorite characters, relationships, runs, creators, fanfiction, comics-related media, etc. Feel free to start one of your own if you have a general question or topic you think would be interesting to others.

  • If there's enough interest, we may try for a sort of book club on occasion. The community can choose older short runs, graphic novels, or maybe self-contained story arcs of longer books to read together and discuss.

  • Feel free to make your own post if there's something you want to talk about that's not covered by another post. This might include reviews of older books, discussion of events and crossovers, previews, news, or really anything you want to share with others. Posting is not moderated for now, although that may change if spam or posting of irrelevant content becomes an issue.

If anyone has other suggestions about this community's content, let's talk about it in the comments!

Also, if anyone would like to help mod or administrate this community in accordance with these principles, please comment or send me a message. :)

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