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New Comic Book Day: June 14, 2017

This post is for discussion and reviews of new comics for the week of June 14! Feel free to start threads for anything you've just read, want to read, or are curious about.

Here there be spoilers. Read at your own risk.
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Detective Comics #958

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This issue starts a new arc centred around Azrael and the Order of Dumas. It was set up way back in 950, with Jean-Paul and Luke discussing his suit and the hint that there was something truly alive in there.

Their dynamic continues to be delightful. I loved seeing them in a fun, casual setting. Then Kate strolled up and made it even better. (She came because Kristin Stewart was there! Too bad her flirting plans were tragically interrupted.)

Then we get CASS AND BASIL DOING SHAKESPEARE and it's one of the most precious things I've ever seen. Generally speaking I don't think Tynion has devoted enough time to Basil's actual redemption arc or his relationship with the team - there was a lot more telling than showing going on - but I adore this relationship.

We get some exposition on Azrael's rebooted backstory, some of it summing up what we learned in Batman and Robin Eternal and some of it new. I'm interested to know more about his years travelling the world, and how his dynamic with Nomoz evolved.

Meanwhile, Bruce waltzes into the Iceberg Lounge to see "an old friend", and it's always fun to see him use the tux instead of the suit. (Alfred's snark was also appreciated.) Then it's revealed that said friend is ZATANNA AND I AM SO HYPED.