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What non-Big 2 comics are you reading?

AKA pimp your independent comics to me, plz. :D
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Oh boy, let me let you in on some great reads! NB - I read most of these in trades so I am not caught up on the latest issues; my info may be out of date, idk.

Invincible: Robert Kirkman's epic tale from Image that started out with one adorkable high-school student getting superpowers and has since ballooned into a full-out space war with six gazillion characters and so much drama and betrayal and blooooood (seriously, it is very, very gory, often bringing a new meaning to the term "splash page"...). Now is actually a great time to start reading, because the comic is ending this year after nearly 15 years (!) in print, so... no waiting for monthlies! And there is supposedly a movie in the works, so get in now so you can be a hipster who liked it before everybody else did. :) There are also several spinoffs and related work and it ties into a whole bunch of other comics that are under the Skybound imprint at Image, so there's a lot here if you get hooked!

Faith: I am head over heels for this comic from Valiant, written by Jody Houser. I love Faith for a lot of the same reasons I love Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel: she's so good, so spunky, so optimistic, and also a total nerd and fangirl with really, really big dreams who never stops fighting for what's right. <3 Has ties to some other Valiant comics since their recent reboot -- she dates one of the characters from Archer & Armstrong, apparently, but I don't read that series so knew nothing about any of it going in and I had no problems getting into the story.

Ivar, Timewalker: Another Valiant effort (...hee :P), this one written by Fred van Lente. It's about time travel! If you like that perennial thorny time travel question of "can we actually change the past, and if we can, should we?", pick up this one. It's got some inventive takes on the genre and is well worth a read. (I only just read the first TPB, so I'm a bit behind and don't know any of the spoilers, so pls don't spoil me, anybody!)

Manifest Destiny: This one is Image and it is historical horror/fantasy. Do you like stories about the Lewis & Clark expedition but wish they had more monsters, tentacles, zombies, ghost stories, gruesome death, gallows humor, and Sacagawea as an ass-kicking warrior? Then you may like this comic! Some of it is very gory and dark, there is attempted rape and a lot of physical assault and murder and things, so maybe steer clear if that kind of thing makes it hard for you to enjoy a comic, but if it doesn't, it's well worth checking out!

Crosswind: This is Gail Simone's latest Image project with art by the incomparable Cat Staggs; the first issue just came out this week and I haven't managed to write a review for it yet, but I am already enthralled. It's about a dissatisfied housewife and a remorseless hitman who are hit by a bodyswap plot! There's not much story there yet but there are all these tantalizing bits and pieces that are going to coalesce into an amazing, mind-bending story and I just can't wait. Get in on this one on the ground floor, seriously.

The Young Protectors: There are a lot of things about this comic that hit my id just right: a superhero universe with lots of history and justification, canon gay characters, coming out, relationship firsts, age difference, mentor/student relationship, hero/villain relationship, politics around who gets defined as a "villain" and who gets to be a "hero", some really awesome teen superheroes. (I will say that the age difference here is BIG, like, teenager/guy in his 50s iirc, and that is a little bit of a turnoff for me and makes the romance my least favorite part of the book, but not enough for me not to enjoy it. Also, the old guy is hot and I can pretend he's younger, so. *SHRUG*) It's not polished, which shows especially in the art, but I love a lot of the writing and story, and the supporting characters are amazing, especially Kyle's team of teen heroes. The scene where they find fanart of themselves on the internet reads like some of my favorite fanfic and I really enjoy it. <3 Cheap on Comixology!

Some other comics I've read and enjoyed that get talked about a lot so I won't go into them further: Saga, Lumberjanes, The Wicked and the Divine, Rat Queens, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, Paper Dolls, The Fade Out. If you want to read me gush about any of those feel free to ask and I shall!
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Most of the non-big 2 comics I'm reading are pretty well known (Bitch Planet, The Wicked + The Divine, Sex Criminals), but I want to put a word in for one of my new favorite series, Animosity by Marguerite Bennett and Rafael de Latorre.

One day, at exactly the same time, every animal on earth gained sentience. They were...less than impressed with humans shall we say.

The series mostly takes place several years after the awakening and follows a pre-teen girl named Jessie and her loyal bloodhound Sandor as they attempt to travel from NYC to San Francisco, where her only living family is. There's a lot of politics and animal vs human vs other animal coalitions and conflicts, but at heart it's a wonderful found family travelogue.
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Shutter and Pretty Deadly, though I'm dreadfully behind on both comics. Pretty Deadly is a magical western (which in itself would be enough to make me pick it up) with an all-female creative team while Shutter is more urban fantasy and plain creative weirdness.